1966 Charger: Leader of the Dodge Rebellion

Overshadowed by the 1968-70 models, the 1966-67 Dodge Charger was a bright spot on the Chrysler Corporation’s roster after several rough years getting back into shape. And, boy, what a bright spot it was, thanks to contemporary fastback styling, a nifty grille with hidden headlights, and an interior that looked like it came straight out of the Detroit Auto Show.

But where did the Charger fit? Was it a muscle car? Not with the standard 318. Was it a personal-luxury car? The interior suggests it would have attracted consumers targeted by that segment, but can you imagine comparing an Olds Starfire with the Charger? Truth be told, the industry referred to cars like the Charger, Corvette, and Thunderbird as “specialty cars,” so you wouldn’t be wrong in trying to pinpoint what a Charger really was.

In the above video, Muscle Car Campy takes us on a ride and drive with Franklin Jones’ 1966 Charger, which is equipped with a 325-horsepower 383. That’s much closer to a muscle car, but certainly a deluxe model with all the trimmings — somewhat the antithesis of a Hemi Coronet Deluxe two-door sedan.

Of course, the Charger went to bigger and better things, but the interior of those never matched the panache of the 1966-67. Join Muscle Car Campy as he extols the virtues of this specialty car.

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