590-hp Karma Gyesera debuts at 2024 Amelia Island Concours

California’s Karma Automotive used the 2024 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance that ran this past weekend for the debut of the Gyesera sedan.

The company is already accepting reservations and aims to have the car in production before the end of the year with a price tag expected to start close to $175,000, though the start of production may be pushed back to 2025.

Karma is also working on an electric sports car called the Kaveya, which the company presented last year. The Kaveya is promised for launch in late 2025.

Karma is the EV startup born out of the remains of the original Fisker Automotive, and its new Gyesera features a design that has clearly evolved from the lines of the former Fisker Karma sedan, both for its exterior and cabin.

Karma Gyesera

However, the Gyesera is a fully electric sedan with much-improved performance compared to the Fisker Karma, which was a series plug-in hybrid. Karma also offers a GS-6 sedan, which like the Fisker is also a series plug-in hybrid.

Promised performance figures for the Gyesera include a peak output of 590 hp, or enough for 0-60 mph acceleration in under 4.2 seconds and a top speed of more than 135 mph. The battery is a 120-kwh unit that Karma estimates will get the Gyesera over a distance of more than 250 miles on a charge.

The Gyesera features an aluminum spaceframe chassis and a mix of carbon fiber and aluminum body panels. The car measures 199.9 inches long and has a curb weight of 5,300 pounds.

Karma plans to build the Gyesera and Kaveya at its plant in Moreno Valley, California, where the GS-6 is built. Production of the cars will be limited to only a few thousand units in total, the company said.