Almost too f’ing fast… almost

FINALLY YA’LL! Nearly two years after its initial announcement, we drove the 1,234 horsepower Lucid Air Sapphire in all its tri-motor glory. Spoiler alert! It did not disappoint. This EV is a masterclass in power and efficiency, setting the bar for a new breed of vehicles that are as fast as they are luxurious. Peep the full video review at the bottom.

Lucid Motors continues to gain notoriety in the EV space for its industry-leading efficiency and in many cases, bonkers performance specs. All of those accolades have come from just one model so far – the Air sedan.

While the American automaker is still looking to find its stride in brand recognition to boost sales of its flagship vehicle, it is not from a lack of effort. All variants of the Air sedan are impressive, delivering some of the best range in the entire industry, all within a sleek and luxe 924V package.

We recently saw Lucid roll out its 2024 model year versions of the Air, which now includes a RWD version of its entry-level Air Pure and a range-boosted Grand Touring. We’ll save thoughts on those versions for another day (although we did just drive them both).

Today’s focus is on the pinnacle of Lucid’s current portfolio and arguably of all mass-produced passenger EVs – the Air Sapphire. This exclusive tri-motor variant was first announced in the summer of 2022 with some redonkulous performance specs. We’re talking 0-60 mph in 1.98 seconds (from a standstill, mind you), 0-100 mph in under 4 seconds, and a top speed of 205 mph.

If you’re asking yourself why that sort of acceleration is necessary, first off, you’re a fool, and second, because Lucid has the technological prowess to do so. This halo EV is a major flex – not built for the average consumer (it does cost $250k after all), but exists as an exercise in futuristic all-electric performance.

I’d argue it’s also a nod to another American EV automaker (and any other automaker for that matter) saying, “That’s right, look what we can f@$king do. Top that.”

It’s not my place to choose a winner in the equation, but my career does put me in an excellent position where I get to test out insane rides like the Lucid Air Sapphire and report back to you lovely readers.

If you’ve read my work before (you better have!), you may recall I’ve been calling out the Lucid team directly every single time I cover the Air Sapphire, asking begging them to give me a chance to drive it. Finally, that opportunity came my way, and I made sure to document my genuine reactions as I put the accelerator to the floor for the first time… then again, and again, and again. Here are my thoughts.

The Lucid Air Sapphire is the fastest thing I’ve ever been in

We got invited to the Bay Area to tour the Lucid Motors design studio and test-drive all the 2024 Air models, including the Sapphire. While I was interested in testing out all variants of the Air, I was genuinely clamoring to get into Sapphire, and the Lucid team must have known it because they put me in that bad boy first (thanks, team).

Right out of the parking lot, the acceleration of the Lucid Air Sapphire was undeniable—so much so that I missed my first turn on the planned route and drove about four miles in the wrong direction without even noticing. This was a theme for me throughout the day, and I swear I have proper navigation skills. I was simply more focused on putting Sapphire through some windy roads and wide-open straightaways around Half Moon Bay.

What can I say that has yet to be shared? Is Sapphire fast? Probably the fastest… at least from what I’ve experienced. However, that is just one simple element of this dynamic sedan. The overall ride is unapologetically smooth at any speed, from any angle, and in any of the three drive modes… as long as you know what you’re doing.

This is only a vehicle for someone with adequate driving experience, both in EVs and in general. It’s a wild stallion of a vessel that will try to buck you off of it at every turn if you’re not careful. I was living for it, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t puckered a few times.

As you’ll see in my video review below, the first proper straightaway delivered visible shock in my body language as I tightened up and shortened my neck like a turtle trying to hide. I thought 1,111 horsepower in the Dream Edition was wild when I experienced Air for the first time back in 2021, but Lucid’s Sapphire edition takes it to a whole other echelon.

Yeah, I broke some speed laws, but how could you not when you get an opportunity like this one? Be cool, and don’t snitch; I was safe. I promise. Whether from a standstill or already in motion, the pure speed of this EV is unmatched, giving you the freedom to overtake any vehicle whenever you want with zero delay.

Aside from the acceleration, I was in awe of the Sapphire’s handling. It’s sticky as hell, as proved by miles of winding wet roads surrounded by redwoods in California. The Alcantara seats and steering wheel offered plenty of comfort while driving, and you know I had those air-conditioned seats to keep my back cool during my adrenaline-fueled ride.

I did notice that the Sapphire’s cabin was not as quiet as the other Lucid Air variants, but it wasn’t a huge difference. While I tested out all three drive modes of the sedan, I actually found myself in the lowest “Smooth” mode the most – that was more than enough speed for me. If you’re always driving this thing in Sapphire mode, you’re either a maniac or belong in Formula E… or both.

This is one of the rare instances in all my drives where it’s challenging to relay how impressive the drive of the Lucid Air Sapphire is. It’s something you have to experience for yourself. To aid in my demonstration of its power, I put together a little video of my experience, complete with expressions of fear, thrill, and pure elation.

The Lucid Air Sapphire is available now for a price of $249,000. Here’s my video for your viewing pleasure:

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