BYD confirms Shark electric pickup name in latest teaser

A new electric pickup is coming to global markets. BYD is launching its first electric pickup soon after confirming it will go by the name “Shark” in its latest teaser, revealing a Ford F-150 Lightning look up front.

The electric truck we’ve been waiting for?

We’ve been waiting for BYD’s electric pickup for about two years after rumors swirled out of local media reports in 2022.

The electric pickup was spotted by CarNewsChina for the first time at BYD’s facility in November 2022. Over the past two years, we’ve seen a sneak peek of the EV truck testing several times during road tests.

A leaked patent this past October revealed the electric pickup’s design. Designed by ex-Lamborghini and Audi designer Wolfgang Egger, the truck resembles the Ford F-150 Lightning or Toyota Hilux with four doors, rugged fenders, and a big “BYD ” logo on the front grille.

More recently, BYD’s highly anticipated right-hand drive model was spotted testing in Australia as the brand kicks its overseas expansion into overdrive.

BYD Shark electric pickup (Source: BYD)

BYD teases new Shark electric pickup ahead of its debut

In its latest teaser, BYD confirmed the electric pickup will go by the name “Shark.” It also showed the pickup’s Ford F-150 Lightning-like full-length light bar and stacked headlights.

BYD announced on social media that the Shark electric pickup with DMO technology is coming soon. Its DMO super hybrid off-road platform, used for the Fang Cheng Bao Bao 5, is designed for off-road PHEVs.

BYD Shark electric pickup teaser (Source: BYD)

With a four-wheel electric drive system, the truck can shift torque from front to rear for better off-road performance.

BYD’s DM tech offers up to 245 hp (180 kW) max power and up to 745 miles (1,200 km) CTLC combined range.

A BYD spokesperson confirmed to Electrek that its first electric pickup will be a mid-to-large size model developed for global markets. It’s expected to be bigger than the Toyota Hilux as it looks to meet the growing demand for EV pickups.

BYD Shark electric pickup (Source: BYD)

Speaking of Toyota’s Hilux, the company plans to launch an all-electric version by 2025 to fend off growing competition. Japanese rival Isuzu also plans to launch an electric version of its best-selling D-MAX pickup.

Electrek’s Take

Although BYD is best known for its low-cost electric cars, like the Dolphin or Seagull, it is expanding into key segments like mid-size SUVs, luxury, and pickups.

BYD’s Shark electric pickup will meet the growing demand in China and global markets. It will compete with Geely’s Radar RD6, which accounted for 61.5% of the electric pickup market in China last year. Radar began exporting RD6 models overseas late last year.

The Shark will look to take market share from Toyota’s Hilux and Isuzu’s D-MAX in key markets like Thailand, Australia, and South Africa.

BYD’s electric pickup could also be sold in South America and Europe as the company looks to expand its brand in these regions.

The fact that BYD released the new name in English (in addition to its Chinese social media) is telling. Especially as it promotes itself as an official partner of UEFA EURO 2023.

It will rival Ford’s F-150 Lightning, which landed in Norway in February, its first market outside North America. Ford plans to launch the F-150 Lightning in additional European markets like Switzerland.

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