Charged EVs | Comau and LiNa develop automated manufacturing for solid-state sodium batteries

Comau, an Italian industrial automation company and LiNa, a solid-state sodium battery manufacturer, are developing a scalable manufacturing solution for sodium-metal-chloride battery cells.

Comau provided LiNa with a detailed cell manufacturing automation roadmap. Comau and LiNa engineers designed the enclosure and handling equipment for solid-state battery cell components. They also identified and integrated commercially available equipment, including Comau’s cleanroom-classified, high-speed Racer-5 Sensitive Environments articulated robots.

Comau offers “a 360° cradle-to-grave e-mobility strategy.” This collaborative approach enabled Comau to suggest modifications to LiNa’s manufacturing methodology with the aim of optimizing process dynamics in the move to automatic cell assembly.

“This automated manufacturing concept, designed with Comau’s engineering team, provides a clear technology roadmap to increase production capacity of our patented battery cells,” said Kris Barr, Director of Operations at LiNa. 

Source: LiNA

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