Charged EVs | EV Connect announces certification of LG chargers for operation on its platform

California-headquartered EV Connect, a provider of EV charging management software, has certified the Level 2 AC charging stations manufactured by South Korea-based LG Electronics to operate on its end-to-end EV Connect Platform and within its charging ecosystem. Earlier this year, LG opened a charger manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

EV Connect’s Electric Vehicle Charge Station (EVCS) Certification Program evaluates third-party hardware on its ability to meet the company’s standards for compliance with, among other things, the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), specific payment processing methods and network communications functions. Certification ensures predictable charging station performance and optimal functionality for end users.

“Completing the EV Connect certification reinforces LG’s commitment to adhere to industry standards to deliver the reliability, quality, and features required to be successful in the EV charging market,” said Michael Kosla, US Senior VP at LG Business Solutions.

Source: EV Connect

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