Charged EVs | FLO to install solar-powered EV chargers for Phoenix Contact USA employees

Canada-headquartered EV charging network and infrastructure provider FLO will install four solar-powered dual-port CoRe+ chargers at the Pennsylvania headquarters of Phoenix Contact USA, a subsidiary of Phoenix Contact, a German manufacturer of industrial automation, interconnection and interface equipment. 

FLO has provided similar charging equipment to Phoenix Contact Canada at locations in Ontario for use by company employees.  

The new installation will include a 110 kW solar carport, 180 kW of battery storage and EV charging stations with automatic transfer switching. Transfer switching enables the chargers to pull power from the grid when there is insufficient solar power generated and stored to meet demand, and feed excess solar-generated power to the main facility when the battery storage is full.

“FLO’s charging stations will enable employees to charge up while their cars are sitting idle for hours at a time,” said Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO. “We applaud Phoenix Contact for providing this additional perk to employees who have made the switch to an EV.”  

Source: FLO

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