Charged EVs | Monitor EV charging infrastructure in real-time (free demo)

Sponsored by Franklin Electric.

EV charger communication failures leave the Charge Point Operators (CPOs) unable to detect and react remotely, while 50-70% of the time, a simple power cycle of the charger’s power is all that is needed. With no remote charger control, the only course of action available to the CPO is to dispatch a service truck to investigate the downed charger.

NexPhase™, the first intelligent EV switchgear, is a turnkey solution that contains the entire infrastructure required between the utility service and Level 3 DC fast chargers. Unlike any switchgear of its kind, NexPhase™ features cutting-edge grid intelligence for EV charger monitoring through UNITE™.

UNITE™ grants CPOs access to critical EV charger infrastructure and real-time monitoring information.

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