Charged EVs | OVO and Kaluza to provide managed EV charging services for Volvo

UK-based energy supplier OVO and energy software company Kaluza have announced a partnership with Volvo Cars to develop EV managed charging services for Volvo Cars and OVO customers in the UK.

One-way smart charging and bidirectional charging from Kaluza are scheduled to launch in 2024, as is the Volvo EX90 SUV, the company’s first vehicle capable of bidirectional charging.

Kaluza’s V2X bidirectional charging services are designed to allow customers to charge for less and also to reward them for helping balance the grid by exporting surplus energy to their homes. 

“V2X is one of the most exciting developments coming out of the transition to electric vehicles,” said Alex Thwaites, Director of EV at OVO. “We can use stored energy in EVs to reduce pressure on the grid, mitigate millions of pounds of infrastructure upgrades and reward customers for doing their bit.”

Source: Kaluza

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