Charged EVs | Turntide Technologies launches low voltage inverter

US-based Turntide Technologies, which manufactures motors and other electrification systems, has launched the sixth version of its inverter, which features increased power density.

The Whitehaven inverter can be used in electric two- or three-wheelers, small vehicles and motorcycles, as well as material handling and low-voltage electrification applications.

Whitehaven offers an extensive motor library for simplified integration. The inverter is highly customizable, as its Turntide User Code enables OEMs to integrate their features directly onto the platform. Whitehaven features motor control advancements for Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) and Induction Motors (IM), maximizing efficiency while minimizing torque ripple.

Whitehaven is designed to optimize performance across various motor configurations, as its maximum torque per amp algorithms are tailored for different rotor types. It supports AC induction motors and offers voltage options from 48 V to 80 V nominal battery voltage.

“Whitehaven’s power density, customization capabilities, and advanced motor control features represent an advancement in low-voltage inverter technology,” said Mark Cox, Interim CEO at Turntide Technologies.

Source: Turntide Technologies