Charged EVs | VertexCom and chargebyte release new EV charging modules

VertexCom, a Taiwanese provider of smart charging communication chips, and chargebyte, a German maker of EV charging communication modules, have announced the availability of two new Supply Equipment Communication Controller modules based on VertexCom’s HomePlug GreenPHY chipset MSE1021+MSEX24-i.

Chargebyte’s new Charge Control D and PLC Stamp Multi VERT are designed specifically for EV charging systems, and support ISO 15118, the basis of the CCS and NACS charging standards.

The Charge Control D is a compact charge controller for EVSE that provides all important features for AC and DC charging. It enables communication between EVSE and EV via PWM signaling Control Pilot and Proximity Pilot.

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The Charge Control D manages all operations of the DC charging process, from communication with the vehicle to control of the power electronics and interaction with back-end systems. The controller’s interface can be plugged into a carrier board to enable integration of a charge controller into a wallbox.

The PLC Stamp Multi VERT is a versatile powerline communication (PLC) module that can be interfaced with the host through either a traditional SPI interface or a 100BaseT Ethernet port.

“Thanks to these state-of-the-art modules, our clients will be able to expedite development by designing them directly into their EV charging systems,” said VertexCom President Dr. HH Li.

“We offer a wide range of expertise in all aspects of charging communication, from small communication modules to full-featured charge controllers including the ISO 15118 software stack,” said chargebyte CEO Thomas Wagner. “With VertexCom’s GreenPHY chip, we can now offer the most cost-effective PLC modules on the market.”

Source: VertexCom