CTL partners with Orange EV to electrify its yard truck fleet

Commercial Trailer Leasing (CTL) recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Orange EV to bring a fleet of zero-emission electric yard trucks to various terminals across the US.

With more than 1,000 pure-electric Class 8 terminal trucks already put in operation in terminals across the country over the last eight years, Orange EV has established itself as a go-to provider of electrified yard dogs, drayage trucks, terminal haulers, hostlers, spotters, shunt trucks, yard horses, goats, and mules. Whatever they’re called in your fleet, they’re a significant part of the food distribution and logistics industries.

And a lot of those yard trucks? They’re leased out to fleets by companies like CTL – and those companies are asking for more and more electric trucks like the Orange EV e-TRIEVER.

The e-TRIEVER has the best logo in the biz

e-TRIEVER has the best logo in the biz; courtesy Orange EV.

“Continuing to support fleets across numerous industry verticals in their zero-emission goals remain paramount as we grow our leasing offerings within this asset class,” says Corey Eisen, Vice President of CTL. “Orange EV has established themselves as a leader within the electric yard truck space, and we are excited to partner with them to fulfill our growing customer demand in electric vehicle (EV) transportation.”

That increased demand isn’t all about environmental benefits. CTL and Orange project that fleets can save between $20,000 – $90,000 per truck, per year due to reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Additional savings are also seen in decreased downtime and operator turnover costs, at terminals that use the e-TRIEVER, thanks to the improved working conditions provided by electric yard trucks.

CTL is a full-service truck and trailer lessor with a fleet of more than 55,000 trailers, making it one of the largest such operations in the US.

Electrek’s Take

Electric motors deliver peak torque at 0 rpm, and deliver great efficiency at low speeds – with even more efficiencies baked into them in the form of low operating costs, regenerative braking, and more. They’re perfect for drayage operations, which is why ports and container yards seem to be readily embracing EVs. As they prove their worth again and again, let’s hope the rest of the industry continues to take notice.

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