Donations pour in to animal shelter after Jon Stewart tearfully announces his dog passed away

After comedian Jon Stewart shared the emotional news that his cherished tripod, Dipper, had passed away, a deluge of donations flooded the New York City no-kill shelter where Stewart adopted the dog twelve years ago. 

“Dipper passed away yesterday,” Stewart tearfully said during a Monday episode of “The Daily Show.” “He was ready. He was tired. But I wasn’t,” Stewart added. “And the family, we were all together — thank goodness. We were all with him. But boy, my wish for you is that one day you find that dog — that one dog that is just the best.” Stewart followed by sharing a “moment of zen” — a video clip of Dipper, a brindle pitbull mix, romping around in the snow.

Following the segment, more than $35,000 in donations was sent to Animal Haven, where Stewart rescued Dipper, according to the shelter’s executive director, Tiffany Lacey. Lacey also said that many people have also purchased supplies from the shelter’s wish list and inquired about adopting animals.

Lacey shared Stewart’s announcement in a Facebook post. “Our hearts break alongside Jon and his entire family with the loss of Dipper,” read the post, according to The Washington Post. “Dipper went through so much early in his life after being hit by a car and losing his leg but Jon and his family gave him a brand new life that started unwittingly on that fateful day at Animal Haven selling cupcakes with his kids.” The post continued: “It really was magic and quickly became obvious that Jon wasn’t going to leave without Dipper. Dipper lives on now in our hearts and minds as a powerful reminder of the importance of pet adoption and the love that an animal can bring into your life.”