Electric Range Rover Sport reportedly due in 2025

JLR is gearing up to launch an electric version of its iconic Range Rover later this year and will follow it shortly after with an electric version of the related Range Rover Sport.

Autocar reported on Friday that the electric Range Rover Sport is due in 2025 and will be followed in quick succession by two more electric Range Rovers sitting in the same segments as the Velar and Evoque. A prototype for the Velar-sized electric SUV has already been spotted.

The battery-powered SUVs are part of JLR’s scaled back electrification plans that will see the automaker launch six EVs by 2026, consisting of the four Range Rover models mentioned plus two Jaguars.

The first of the new electric Jaguars will be a sporty sedan, a teaser for which was released a year ago. According to Autocar, Jaguar’s second EV will be a large SUV and at some point down the road there will also be a flagship sedan to round out a planned three-model lineup.

2024 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Under JLR’s original electrification plans, there were also due to be an electric Discovery Sport and baby Defender due by 2026. Those vehicles haven’t been canceled, only delayed, according to Autocar.

The electric Range Rover and Range Rover Sport will use the same MLA platform underpinning the current gas-powered SUVs. The electric version of the MLA platform will feature an 800-volt architecture, meaning support for DC fast charging will be included. Support for over-the-air updates and apps designed to help maximize range will also be included, JLR has previously confirmed.

The smaller Velar and Evoque-sized models will use a dedicated EV platform known as the EMA, while electric Jaguars will use a Jaguar-specific dedicated EV platform known as the JEA.

While Range Rovers, Discoveries, and Defenders will continue to offer gas engines for years to come, all future Jaguars will be EV only. Jaguar has already announced that 2024 will be the last year for its F-Type sports car, and its other gas models like the XE and XF sedans, and F-Pace crossover, are due to end production this year as well. Jaguar is also expected to discontinue its electric I-Pace without a direct successor, as future EVs from the brand will be moved further upmarket to attract higher transaction prices.