Europe’s sightseeing buses graduate from vegetable oil to electric

Tootbus, a prominent sightseeing bus company around Europe, has partnered with electric fleet specialist VEV to deliver more sustainable mobility across its entire operations. Tootbus is currently operating buses that run on hydrotreated vegetable oil but is adopting BEV and solar technology with VEV’s help.

Tootbus describes itself as the world’s first clean energy sightseeing bus company, specializing in hop-on hop-off tours around Europe, including Bath, London, Paris, and Brussels. With such large vehicles in consistent operations, Tootbus has made efforts in recent years to decarbonize its business using cleaner alternatives.

In 2021, Tootbus converted its fleet to HVO fuel, which reduces CO2 emissions by 90% compared to traditional combustion. Additionally, the sightseeing company has deployed three fully electric open-top buses in London with plans for another thirty before the decade’s end.

To reach these sustainability goals, Tootbus has partnered with VEV, a subsidiary of Vitol – a global energy and commodities company – to utilize its end-to-end fleet electrification solutions.


London’s sightseeing buses are going all-electric

VEV shared details of its new partnership with Tootbus today, in which it anticipates its clean energy solutions can help the sightseeing bus company save 15,567 kg in carbon emissions per year.

VEV will now assist Tootbus in developing and implementing its comprehensive fleet electrification plan, which will begin with the installation of ten initial EV chargers to support the three electric sightseeing buses already operating around London.

Additionally, VEV shared plans to install solar panels atop the Tootbus bus depot in Wandsworth in south London, which, pending permitting, will generate 65,000 kWh of 100% renewable power. VEV states that green energy translates to about 60,000 km (37,280 miles) of all-electric sightseeing bus rides. VEV CEO Mike Nakrani spoke:

The bus and tourism sectors have a critical role to play in helping to decarbonize UK roads. As the transition to electrification is set to gain pace over the immediate and longer-term future, leading players in these sectors have recognized that going green is not only the right thing to do, but is also a competitive advantage and are keen to make the switch as soon as possible. We’re excited to be working with Gavin and his proactive team at Tootbus to demonstrate the invaluable impact that fleet electrification and smart energy management have in helping cities to reduce carbon emissions. We look forward to continuing to support them in leading the way towards more sustainable travel.

In addition to electric sightseeing buses, chargers, and solar-powered depots, Tootbus will also implement its new partner’s VEV-IQ intelligent energy management platform. This will enable fleet operators of the sightseeing bus company to monitor its power supply, charger status, and electric vehicle usage to maximize efficiency.

Together with VEV, Tootbus looks to enter the next phase of its fleet bus conversion plan and become a fully electric company by 2029.

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