Fisker slashes MSRPs of Ocean trims in fight to stay in business

Fisker Inc. is continuing a trying month of March as it claws at the hole it has found itself in, staring down the barrel of potential bankruptcy. With a potential shuttering of its doors looming, the American EV automaker is now pulling every lever to maximize revenues, including unprecedented discounts on its lone model, the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Inc. currently operates as the second iteration of an EV automaker by the same name, led by founder and CEO Henrik Fisker, who, unfortunately, has already been through this challenging situation before.

2023 was already a rough year as Fisker had to lower its production targets several times, pivoting toward a strategy with dealer networks to try and boost sales. However, things truly began to slant downward following the American automaker’s Q4 2023 report, which relayed “substantial doubt” it could continue.

At the time, Fisker explained it was seeking assistance from a “large automaker” to continue its progress with the Ocean SUV and the three additional EV models in its pipeline. We quickly learned that the potential savior of an OEM was Nissan.

While those talks went on behind the scenes, Fisker hired bankruptcy consultants, which prefaced a complete halt to Ocean production after missing an interest payment, causing its stock to tumble.

Earlier this week, we reported that talks with the potential automotive partner had fallen through, and Fisker ($FSR) would be delisted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), sitting at an abysmal $0.0896 at market close on March 25.

With a bailout investor by no means secured and trading halted, Fisker is facing grim times but is doing what it can, even if that means liquidating its existing inventory of Ocean EVs. If all the talk above didn’t scare you off, you can not take advantage of a $24,000 discount on the Fisker Ocean Extreme – its most decked-out model currently available.

Fisker shared details of the cuts to MSRPs of all three trims of the 2023 Ocean SUV in a press release today, catering to US customers only. Here are the reduced prices:

2023 Fisker Ocean Trim Previous MSRP New MSRP Price Difference
Ocean Sport $38,999 $24,999 -$14,000
Ocean Ultra $52,999 $34,999 -$18,000
Ocean Extreme $61,499 $37,499 -$24,000

Fisker said certain Ocean models in its existing inventory also come with as much as $7,000 worth of additional equipment, even with the discounted prices, including 22” wheels, exterior colors, and interior components.

A spokesperson for the company was very clear that today’s announcement is focused solely on the price cuts, and Fisker is not commenting on its business operations or other speculation at the moment. The release did share the following, though:

As Fisker focuses on our vision of A Clean Future for All and delivering the world’s most sustainable vehicles, the company continues to pursue dealer partnerships in North America and Europe, having announced the strategic shift to a Dealer Partner model in January 2024.

Fisker is strategically positioning the all-electric Ocean SUV to be a more affordable and compelling EV choice, competitively available to EV buyers in the broadest possible market, and constantly improving via frequent Over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

The discounted prices for all three trims of the 2023 Fisker Ocean will go into effect on Friday, March 29. What do you think? Are you interested in buying an EV from a seemingly doomed automaker? I mean, it is one hell of a deal!

Electrek’s take

It’s tough to kick a company while it’s down. Godspeed Fisker 2.0.

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