Ford draws up the ultimate camping feature for its electric pickup

Camping, glamping, whatever you prefer, Ford is looking to upgrade the experience of a future electric truck. Its latest idea enables the back of the truck’s cabin to pivot open like an SUV, creating a spacious room for you to enjoy the outdoors.

Ford will upgrade camping with its next electric pickup

Ford filed a patent for a “Swiveling Sill for a Vehicle” with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

The patent, discovered by CarBuzz, details an electric truck in which the cab’s back panels can open like an SUV. Opening the panels creates ample space between the cab and truck bed. When they are closed, you have a secure spot to store items.

Ford drew up a hinge system to make it possible. The design makes loading and storing items like wood or plasterboard easier, but Ford has a better idea of how you can use it.

The patent describes a camping tent that is assembled around the truck. The tent is specifically designed with pockets that fit around the vehicle’s side mirrors to keep it strapped down. It can also be extended with various pockets and straps.

(Source: German Patent and Trade Mark Office / translated via Google Translate)

Ford says the electric pickup tent can be used for camping or glamping. In some cases, the vehicle’s seats can fold flat, providing a sleeping surface. The seats could also include heating or cooling devices.

Inside the vehicle, map lights can be used as reading lights when it’s dark. In some cases, a sensor system could be included that can detect intruders or animals.

Ford F-150 Lightning XLT camping (Source: Ford)

Several companies are introducing campers or tents for electric pickups. Rivian has a three-person tent available in its gear shop. Tesla launched the Cybertruck Basecamp, a fully collapsable truck bed tent attachment.

However, a swiveling back panel would instantly upgrade the camping experience of any electric pickup.

Tesla Cybertruck Basecamp tent (Image: Tesla)

Ford is getting creative lately. The automaker filed a patent with the USPTO for a moveable work surface platform for the F-150 Lightning frunk. The surface could be used for business, tailgating, and more.

Other recent patents to upgrade the EV pickup’s frunk include a mounted entertainment screen, wireless charging, and a built-in shade.

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