“Get some medication, Katie”: Hosts of “The View” have a field day with Britt’s SOTU response

During a segment of “The View” on Friday, Joy Behar led her co-hosts in a recap of Sen. Katie Britt‘s, R-Ala., official Republican response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, with the unified take being that she should probably focus on her mental health for the time being.

With Alyssa Farah Griffin referring to Britt’s ASMR freakiness as “a disaster from start to finish,” pointing out the bad optics of the senator choosing to film her speech in a kitchen — just in time for International Women’s Day — Behar really leaned-in with her own commentary.

“Get some medication, Katie. I haven’t seen acting that bad since my wedding night,” she joked. “So, which genius in that party decided that she was the perfect spokesperson? I’ve never seen mood swings like this. One minute she’s like [sobbing noise], then she’s like gonna take a knife and stab you. Then she’s laughing like an idiot. What is wrong with her? She’s like Sybil . . . the girl needs mood elevators.” Picking this up and running with it, Ana Navarro said that Britt should be in “a padded room.” 

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