Hyundai hybrids, Emily GT, Polestar battery test, charger reliability: Today’s Car News

Hyundai reneges on the promise of an all-EV plant. Polestar tests a different kind of battery at the charger. Federal researchers see ways to make fast-charging more reliable. And the EV with Saab roots might be made in Italy. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Hyundai last week confirmed that its Metaplant in Georgia, once due to be a dedicated EV plant, will also get U.S. production of more hybrid models, as part of an effort to expand the range of hybrid trims of its gasoline vehicles. 

Polestar reports that with StoreDot’s “silicon-dominant” cells it has a prototype EV capable of 10-minute 10-80% charging. Although it might still be years away from large-scale production and the Polestar 5 used as a basis for the testing will launch with different batteries, it’s a proof point for the tech. 

The company behind the Emily GT EV, engineered by a braintrust of former Saab engineers, might build it in Italy, as part of a whole electric vehicle family with other body styles including a wagon, coupe, and convertible. 

And according to a recent brief from Department of Energy researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, more flexible controls and a gas-station-like layout might go a long way in boosting EV charging station reliability.


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