Le Creuset fans beware: That’s not really Taylor Swift in those Facebook ads

Over the last several weeks, a series of ads have appeared on Facebook featuring Taylor Swift’s voice encouraging “Swifties” to sign up to receive free Le Creuset cookware sets, all they had to do was click a link and provide some information about themselves. 

While, as the New York Times reports, Swift is a fan of the brand — her collection has appeared in the background of the several Tumblr and Instagram accounts dedicated to her home decor — the advertisement was actually a scam. It was created using artificial intelligence technology that mimicked the singer’s voice, which was then laid over slips of Le Creuset Dutch ovens. 

Swift is not the only celebrity whose AI-generated likeness has been used to sell products; as Salon reported in October, AI versions of Tom Hanks and the late Robin Williams have also been used without their consent. 

Per the New York Times, “Le Creuset said it was not involved with the singer for any consumer giveaway” while representatives for Taylor Swift did not offer comment.

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