Lectric e-bike bundles $500+ off, Rad Power sale, EVOLV, more

Today’s Green Deals are jam-packed once more with EV sales to get you geared-up for the cruising months ahead, led by Lectric eBikes’ 5-year anniversary celebration that is taking up to $570 off select e-bikes, like the XPedition Single-Battery Cargo e-bike at $1,399, while also giving away choices of five add-on accessories. It is joined by Rad Powers’ latest flash sale that is dropping the RadRunner 2 Utility e-bike to $1,299 and also offering free accessories on two other models, as well as a rare special from EVOLV that is dropping the PRO V2 Electric Scooter to its $1,799 low. Plus all of the other days’ Green Deals that are still going.

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Lectric takes up to $570 off e-bike bundles

Lectric eBikes is currently celebrating its five-year anniversary, and wanting to extend the celebrations to its customers, has launched a new limited-time sale that is offering five free accessories along with your purchase of either an XP 3.0, XPedition, or XP Trike e-bike. A standout amongst the bunch is the XPedition Single-Battery Cargo e-bike for $1,399 shipped. Down from its usual $1,933 price tag, we only saw it fall to this price for a short-lived period in March before rising to stay at $1,475 since, but today’s deal is bringing things back to the all-time low once more. You’ll find the dual-battery model down to the second-lowest $1,699 rate. It should also be noted that you’ll automatically see the discounted rate once the e-bike and the accessories have been added to your cart.

The Lectric XPedition e-bike was designed for those who are always on the go – especially folks like parents dropping off and picking up their kids from school or delivery drivers who need long travel ranges. It comes equipped with an upgraded 750W rear hub-motor (1310W peak) alongside a 48V battery that carries the e-bike up to 75 miles on a single charge (150 miles with dual-battery), hitting speeds of 20 MPH using only the throttle and up to 28 MPH with the five levels of pedal assistance. It comes with a variety of features to enhance your ride: the integrated cargo rack, custom puncture-resistant tires, hydraulic mineral oil brakes paired with 180mm rotors, a headlamp, taillights, fenders on both wheels, and a backlit LCD display that gives you all the real-time performance data.

Rad Power RadRunner 2 Utility e-bike now $1,299

Rad Power Bikes has launched a flash sale through May 8 that is giving you three varying deals on three different e-bike models; either a $100 off discount or free accessories. The first of these deals is on the RadRunner 2 Utility e-bike for $1,299 shipped. Usually fetching $1,399 since the company lowered prices across its lineup of models, we’ve seen this e-bike included in most of the company’s holiday sales as well as several flash sales throughout the months, often falling to $1,299, but we have seen one instance of the price dropping further to the $1,199 low. Today’s deal is a solid $100 markdown off the going rate that lands at the second-lowest price we have tracked.

Carrying the mantle as Rad Power’s jack-of-all-trades model, the RadRunner 2 comes equipped with a 750W brushless-geared hub motor and 672Wh battery that propels it to a max speed of 20 MPH and travels up to 50 miles on a single charge. It features a four-level pedal assist with a low-profile cadence sensor, and a simple control panel that gives you the battery’s charge level and allows you to adjust pedal assistance settings. It also comes stocked with a rear-mounted cargo rack that offers a 120-pound payload, puncture-resistant fat tires, a standard LED headlight, and an integrated taillight with both brake light and flash mode capabilities.

The second deal is on the RadRunner 3 Plus for $2,099, which comes with a free accessory worth up to $100. This model comes with a 750W rear hub motor and 672Wh battery that hits a max speed of 20 MPH for 45+ miles on a single charge. It has been upgraded with one extra pedal assist level and offers much of the same array of features as the above deal, with the added bonus of fenders for both tires and a full digital display.

The RadTrike e-tricycle is also receiving a free accessory as part of this sale, albeit a pre-designated large basket for front-side mounting for $1,599. It comes with an equally powerful motor as the above models, but with a smaller 480Wh battery that only reaches a max speed of 14 MPH for a much longer 55+ miles of travel range on a single charge. You’ll also get the full list of features from the above deal as well to round out the package.

This flash sale will continue through May 8, with the discounts on the RadRunner 3 Plus and RadTrike being automatically applied in cart when you add both items to your cart. You can browse through Rad Power’s included accessories here. And head over to our Green Deals hub to look through all the other e-bike brands that are having spring sales, as well as deals on power stations, electric tools, water heaters, and more.

EVOLV PRO V2 Electric Scooter hits $1,799 low

EVOLV is offering a $200 off special on two of its electric scooter models, like the popular PRO V2 Electric Scooter for $1,799 shippedafter using the on-page promo code PROV2-ROCKS at checkout. Down from its $1,999 price tag, we’ve seen a few different discounts drop over the last year on this particular model since its release, all of them falling to the same $1,799 low during major holiday shopping events like Black Friday and Christmas sales. Today’s deal is no different, coming in as a solid $200 markdown that lands at the lowest price we have tracked.

The PRO V2 e-scooter comes equipped with dual 1,200W motors (2,600W peak) and a 52V battery that carries the scooter up to a max speed of 44 MPH for up to 37 miles on a single charge. You can also upgrade to the Pro-R V2 model for an additional $300 ($500 normally – the above promo code works for this upgraded model as well), boosting your motors to 1,400W of nominal power each and extending travel distance up to 50 miles on a single charge. They both feature front and rear spring suspension, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, a front fender light, a taillight, running lights, turn signal lights, an IP54 water-resistance rating, and a smart center display – all with a foldable design for easy storage and transport when not in use.

The second model included in this special sale is the CORSA Electric Scooter for $2,635 shippedafter using the on-page promo code CORSA-ROCKS at checkout. This model also sports dual 1,200W motors (but with a 4,800W peak) and a larger 60V battery that hits 44 MPH for up to 37 miles on a single charge. It comes with 11-inch tubeless street-style grippy tires, front and rear shock suspension, dual hydraulic disc brakes, twin Halo LED headlights, in-deck lighting, twin LED taillights, turn signal lights, and a large center display.

Spring e-bike deals!

Other new Green Deals landing this week

The savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine. Winter means you can lock in even better off-season price cuts on electric tools for the lawn while saving on EVs and tons of other gear.

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