Michael Cohen offers Peter Navarro some words of wisdom regarding prison life

Michael Cohen — the former Trump attorney who spent over a year in prison and an additional chunk of time under house arrest for criminal tax evasion and campaign finance violations — knows a thing or two about life behind bars and what it feels like to pay the price for MAGA related crimes. 

In a recent CNN interview, Cohen offered up some words of wisdom to Peter Navarro — the former Trump White House aide just beginning his four-month sentence for dodging a subpoena from the Jan. 6 select committee — warning that not only is the food in prison terrible, but that there are rules put in place there that he has no experience in following.

Weighing-in on Navarro’s comment to reporters that he’s not nervous about serving time, Cohen says, “It’s easy to be a television tough guy when you’re on the outside. When you’re on the inside, the rules – whether you’re in a satellite camp, a low like I was in, or you’re in maximum security – the rules are still the rules. He doesn’t live by those rules. He’s never had to live by those rules. This is an adjustment that he has no idea what he’s in store for.”

In a press conference held in what Politico describes as being “a parking lot across from a Papa John’s and a pawn shop,” Navarro was loyal to Trump even while giving his pre-jail last remarks, saying that he “had the greatest amount of support from Donald Trump and his team,” which Cohen commented on during his interview, saying, “And look where you’re going!”

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