MTG pushes Great Replacement rhetoric, and threatens Speaker Mike Johnson with ouster, on Fox News

In a “Sunday Morning Futures” appearance on Fox News, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told anchor Maria Bartiromo that “Democrats are going to bring in millions and millions of illegals and turn them into Democrat voters,” using language that echoes the white supremacist-linked Great Replacement Theory.

Greene made the comments as she explained her opposition to the Senate immigration deal. On Saturday, The Hill reported that Taylor Greene said House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-LA, “would be ‘weakening border security’ by negotiating with Democrats over aid to Ukraine amid its war with Russia.”

“That Senate border deal, or so-called border deal, it’s really an amnesty deal where Democrats are going to bring in millions and millions of illegals and turn them into Democrat voters, that’s their plan, to replace Americans with millions and millions of illegal aliens,” Taylor Greene told Bartiromo. “They want to do this in exchange for $60 billion more for Ukraine.” 

“I told Speaker Johnson if he made that deal in exchange for $60 billion for Ukraine, I would vacate the chair,” she continued. “And I still stand by those words.” 

Just last week, Taylor Greene pushed back against fellow Republicans threatening to topple yet another sitting Speaker, saying she was “sick of the chaos” and “here to solve problems.” 

The Great Replacement is a theory that, as Salon’s Areeba Shah writes, “claims that liberal elites are deliberately driving high levels of immigration in order to ‘replace’ white Americans — or even to kill them off — [which] was once confined to the far-right white nationalist fringe [and] at this point … has been almost completely normalized within the Republican Party.”

In the same interview on Sunday, Taylor Greene also mocked Hunter Biden over his appearance in the House Oversight Committee contempt hearing last week. “It was really telling that he left as soon as Chairman Comer recognized me,” the Congresswoman told Bartiromo, going on to accuse the president’s son of “trafficking women across state lines.” Taylor Greene claimed that evidence for this allegation exists, “and I was going to bring that up and I think he knew it.” 

Watch the segment on Fox News.

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