New Porsche Taycan EV boasts longer range and faster charging

In initial tests, the new Porsche Taycan showed impressive driving range of up to 365 miles (587 km). Although these were pre-series models, the upgraded EV drove over 100 miles more than the current model.

New Porsche Taycan test drives up to 365 miles

These are not official ratings, but Porsche claims “the extensively updated Taycan” offers more range and quicker charging.

“For the particularly efficient Taycan sports saloon with the large battery, this practical, final test resulted in a total range of up to 587 kilometers,” VP of the model line Kevin Giek explained.

He said the initial range test in Southern California “impressively demonstrated how efficient the reworked Taycan is.” Porsche continues working on its “fast travel” strategy, including shorter charging stops and longer real-world range.

The range tests took place on everyday Cali conditions on Interstate Highway 405 and 5. The new models were fitted with Porsche’s larger Performance Battery Plus. Max drive speed was 75 mph.

Charging took place at an Electrify America station in Torrance. The new Taycan displayed over 300 kW charging for several minutes and was able to charge from 10% to 80% in well under 20 minutes.

The new model will be revealed in a few days, according to Porsche. Nearly 150,000 electric Taycan models have been built since launching production in 2019. The new model will help build upon the success Porsche’s first EV established.

Porsche also launched its second all-electric vehicle, the Macan EV, last week. The all-electric Macan SUV features up to 381 miles (613 km) WLTP range.

Porsche Macan EV and Turbo versions (Source: Porsche AG)

CEO Oliver Blume said Porsche is “taking the Macan to a completely new level,” with the electric model. It will start at $78,800, while the Turbo variant has an MSRP of $105,300. Deliveries are expected to begin in the second half of the year.

New pre-series Porsche Taycan lapping the Nurburgring (Source: Porsche)

An upgraded sporty Taycan Turbo GT lapped the Nurburgring earlier this month in 7:07:55. That’s 26 seconds faster than the current model and 18 seconds quicker than the Tesla Model S Plaid. It’s just a little over two seconds shy of Rimac Nevera’s record of 7:05:298, and that’s a hypercar.

Check back for more soon as Porsche is expected to officially reveal the new Taycan EV any day.

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