New Porsches face delays at ports due to customs issue

Most new Porsches entering the U.S. are being held up at ports due to an undisclosed customs issue.

A company spokesman said a small electronic component, thought to be a microchip, needs to be replaced before the vehicles can be released and shipped to dealerships. The first batch of replacement parts are already on their way to ports and will be installed as soon as possible, he added.

It isn’t clear how long the process will take but the spokesman said dealerships and customers that have ordered cars will be kept updated.

The models affected include the 911, Cayenne, Panamera, and Taycan. Only the 718 and Macan are currently free to transit through the ports.

A large number of automakers have suffered multiple setbacks related to supply chain issues starting during the days of the pandemic. The most widespread was the chip shortage caused by plants being shut during lockdowns, though there were also more specific issues like the Suez Canal being blocked by the cargo ship Ever Given in 2021 for a period six days, and more recently the Houthi attacks on some cargo ships in the Red Sea.

Porsche, along with some other German automakers, was also previously affected in the early days of the war in Ukraine. Plants assembling wiring harnesses shutdown after the start of the war, and in the case of Porsche this resulted in the automaker suspending production at one of its plants until a new supplier could be found.

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