Nikki Haley avoids the topic of endorsing Trump because she’s focused on not losing to him

During an appearance on “Meet the Press,” Republican presidential hopeful and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley brushed aways questions relating to whether or not she feels obligated to endorse Donald Trump should he emerge the victor at the end of this election year, saying she’s not really thinking about that right now as she continues the endurance challenge of trying to beat him.

Speaking to moderator Kristen Welker, Haley said she’ll make whatever decision she wants to make should the time come, but made it clear that her head isn’t there yet, stressing, “if you talk about an endorsement, you’re talking about a loss. I don’t think like that.”

Pressed to weigh-in on whether or not she believed that voters had a right to know where she stands on the possibility of a Trump endorsement, Haley shot back a response that further clarified her initial point, saying, “When you all ask Donald Trump if he would support me, then I will talk about that. But right now, my focus is, ‘How do we touch as many voters? How do we win?’”

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