NIO ET7 has nearly 650 miles range with game-changing battery

NIO’s ET7 electric car has over 1,000 km CLTC range with its new 150 kWh battery. To put its new ultra-long-range battery to the test, NIO’s CEO William Li drove the ET7 for over 14 hours, covering 1,044 km (~650 miles) with some charge left to spare.

NIO continues expanding the brand with new models and tech. The EV maker recently handed over the keys to the EL6 driver in Europe as it extends into new markets.

The company focuses on innovation and advanced tech to set itself apart from the competition. For example, NIO is a pioneer in EV battery swapping. NIO is expanding the tech as other automakers join in.

Geely, the parent company behind Volvo, Polestar, and others, was the most recent to reveal a partnership to help develop the network.

Meanwhile, NIO’s latest accomplishment may be its most impressive so far. The EV maker revealed the ET7 electric sedan powered by its new 150 kWh battery achieved 1,044 km (650 miles) CLTC range on a single charge. And it still had 3% battery capacity remaining.

NIO ET7 achieves 650 miles range (Source: William Li Weibo)

NIO ET7 achieves over 650 miles CLTC range

NIO’s founder and CEO Li tested the new 150 kWh battery traveling from Zhejiang Province to Fujian Province.

The 14-hour trip was live-streamed, starting early Sunday morning. During the trip, Li said the new battery had already been tested and achieved a record for a mass-produced EV covering 1,145 km (711 mi) CLTC range.

NIO’s Li drove for 12.4 hrs (14 with stops), covering 1,044 km (650 mi). The EV was in intelligent driving mode for 92% of the time, or 957 km (595 miles). With 3% remaining, the ET7 could have traveled another 36 miles.

NIO ET7 (Source: NIO)

NIO says its new 150 kWh battery has the largest capacity of passenger EVs built in China. According to NIO, the single cell has an energy density of 360 kWh/kg with 6X stronger cooling than ordinary batteries.

The company currently offers EVs with 75 kWh and 100 kWh battery packs. Its new 150 kWh battery can be swapped into any model. It’s the same size as other battery packs and weighs only 20 kg (44 lbs) more.

Although the new battery is impressive, it will be costly. NIO’s president Qin LiHong said it would cost about the same as an ET5. The NIO ET5 (75 kWh) battery starts at 298,000 yuan ($42,100). According to NIO, mass production will begin in April.

NIO will unveil its new flagship ET9 set to rival the Mercedes Maybach during NIO Day 2023, starting December 23. It’s expected to feature the new battery.

Source: CarNewsChina, NIO Weibo

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