Owners of aging Teslas, this new bespoke warranty plan is for you

Amber has launched AmberCare, an EV-specific warranty program in the US for aging Tesla models 3, Y, S, and X. 

EVs require less maintenance than gas cars, but they’re not infallible. If EVs need repairs out of warranty, the fixes can be expensive, and many repair shops don’t yet have the skill sets or ability to diagnose or repair EVs.

The Bay Area startup Amber, founded early last year, worked with EV technicians, experts, and driver communities to design vehicle service contracts for EVs.

Amber has built its “High Voltage Care Plan” specifically for Teslas leaving their four- and eight-year warranties. The plan covers critical components – such as Tesla’s high-voltage battery and drive unit – that can be expensive to fix if they break down out of warranty. The plan offers three coverage levels, and costs range from around $40 to $120 per month.

Tesla drivers can use Amber by scheduling a diagnosis at a local Authorized Repair Facility. Once a quote has been created for the repair, customers file a claim online, and once approved, Amber will work with customers to get the invoice paid.

Amber designs, underwrites, and provides AmberCare plans, as well as reviews and reimburses claims in-house. Depending on coverage, Amber will cover the cost of towing to a nearby Amber Authorized Repair facility and cover the repair price on approval. AmberCare will also cover rental vehicles or rideshare costs if needed.

Joe Pak, Amber’s CEO, told Electrek via email:

Today, customers can take their vehicle to any of the 190+ Tesla Service Centers in the US or a growing network of independent EV-specialist repair shops that Amber has vetted for service capability and quality.

For example, in Florida, an AmberCare customer can take their vehicle to one of the 14 Tesla Service Centers, a Tesla Service Center in a neighboring state, or to Tesla and EV repair specialist Electrified Garage in Ocala, Florida.

We are actively adding repair service providers to the Amber Authorized Repair Facility network, particularly as more shops invest in training and equipment to service EVs.

Amber currently operates in Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Tennessee, and it plans to extend to other states soon.

Amber also announced the close of its $3.18 million seed round, co-led by Era and Prime Sazze, with participation from Alcove Fund, Virta Ventures, Global Millennial Capital, and Root & Shoot Ventures.

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