Pedego launches three new ‘groundbreaking’ electric bike models

Pedego, one of the earliest electric bike brands to enter the US market well over a decade ago, has announced one of its biggest new e-bike rollouts yet. The company launched three new models consisting of the Moto, Cargo, and Trike.

The company referred to the bikes a “three groundbreaking additions” as they offer new performance, technology, and frame styles that we haven’t seen before from Pedego.

“This is officially the next generation of electric bicycles,” said Pedego CEO Brian Stech. “Built to exceed the industry’s highest standards, each bike is outfitted with cutting-edge technology available only to Pedego customers, offering riders industry-leading safety, increased range, numerous customization options, and ultimately a superior riding experience for all.”

The new Pedego Moto ($3,995) is a moped-style e-bike of similar appearance to bikes like the Juiced Scorpion and other popular step-through moped e-bikes.

The full-suspension design includes dual rear coil-over shocks, adding to the motorcycle vibe. A large 48V battery with 920Wh of capacity is found mounted in the psuedo-double-wishbone frame leading up to the fixed rear bench-style saddle.

Fat tires allow riders to hit the trails more comfortably or simply roll over pockmarked streets and urban trails commonly strewn with obstacles.

A 10-speed SRAM transmission gives the few riders who will actually pedal this e-bike a wide range of gears to choose from.

Shipped in Class 2 mode with a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h), the e-bike is listed as “Class 3 ready”, meaning higher speeds can likely be unlocked.

The Pedego Cargo ($3,995) is a longtail cargo e-bike that features an extended rear rack.

Referred to as a “sport utility e-bike” by the company, a number of accessories are included to help make the Cargo ideal for carrying children or gear. Wooden side panels add to the looks and functionality, as do the fold-up running boards that provide a platform for groceries but can fold in to make the bike more narrow when not in use.

Options for either 460Wh or 672Wh batteries give riders a choice between battery sizes to choose just how far they want to go. A range extender battery accessory can be added under the rear bench, though, for riders who occasionally want to travel further but don’t always need that much battery for daily rides.

An 11-liter waterproof storage bag is mounted behind the seat tube, offering on-board storage that can help keep riders’ belongings dry.

Fat tires combined with front suspension should make for quite a comfortable ride, even when the terrain isn’t ideal. Just like the Moto, the new Pedego Cargo comes with a 20 mph (32 km/h) top speed but appears to be unlockable by those who prefer traveling at higher Class 3 speeds.

Lastly, the new Trike ($3,495) offers a fat tire three-wheeler with a large open rear tube for hauling plenty of cargo on a super stable platform. With trikes, riders don’t need to put their feet down or balance a heavy bike at rest, making it an ideal foundation for cargo needs or riders who simply want more relaxed rides (and more relaxed stops).

The Trike comes with a higher voltage 52V battery that features 910 Wh of capacity. A top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h) prevents it from hitting those turns too quickly, though slowing down even further during tight turns is always advisable on a trike.

There’s no suspension on this one, but the fat tires should help soak up some of the bumps along the way.

All three new models are SGS/TUV Certified to UL2849 and UL2271 standards, covering both the lithium-ion battery and the entire e-bike system. The batteries even use potting technology that encapsulates the cells in a heat-absorbing resin. That helps protect against corrosion of the cells over time and also prevents the spread of thermal events if the battery is ever breached and damaged. Such breaches are even more unlikely though, due to the encapsulation of each battery cell.

The bikes also include new headlights with high and low beams, plus Pedego’s custom tail light with brake lights, running lights, and integrated turn signals.

For power, the three models all come with a 750W nominally-rated motor that has a peak rating of 1,500W. Respectable SRAM and Tektro components grace the e-bikes, along with a full-color LCD screen with an ambient light sensor and USB-C charging port for powering devices like cell phones.

In addition to a hand throttle, Pedago explained that the bikes also come with a custom-designed pedal assist system featuring two types of drive modes:

“PEDALSENSE® is Pedego’s proprietary propulsion software that delivers a signature elevated riding experience. With PEDALSENSE®, Pedego continues to lead the industry by combining cutting-edge technology and customization options, setting a new standard for excellence in e-bike design and performance. PEDALSENSE® offers riders the freedom to personalize their ride like never before. With the ability to choose between two customized pedal assist features, Cruise and Torque assist, riders can tailor their experience to match their unique riding style and preferences. Cruise assist seamlessly matches the rider’s pedaling speed, ensuring a smooth and effortless journey, while Torque assist provides an extra boost of power only when needed, amplifying the rider’s effort and enhancing efficiency and control.”

Electrek’s Take

Sure, they’re not the most flashy names we’ve ever seen. But then again, it’s hard to argue about trademarks when your bike is named “Cargo”.

The bikes themselves sound pretty darn nice, and Pedego is known for not cutting corners. Hydraulic disc brakes with meaty 203 mm rotors, higher spec transmissions, nice color displays, potted batteries, etc. But the downside here is the price, since on a dollar-per-dollar basis, you can easily find more affordable alternatives in the oversaturated e-bike market.

However, Pedego has never tried to win on a dollar-per-watt comparison. Instead, the company relies on its added value, such as the industry-leading 5-year warranty (that includes anti-theft protection and lifetime frame warranty), the network of over 200 brick-and-mortar pedagogy shops, and high levels of customer service. If there’s one company that will hold your hand through every stage of an e-bike purchase, including after-sales support, it’s definitely Pedego. You pay out the nose for it, and so it might not be right for everyone, but you get what you pay for.

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