Rivian adds Standard battery pack, plus option for more range

One month from debuting its second all-electric line of vehicles, Rivian is expanding the configurator of its flagship R1T and R1S trucks to now allow the Standard pack as a selectable option to customers. Additionally, Rivian has introduced a fourth pack called Standard+, delivering more range at less cost. Here’s the latest.

While much of the public’s recent focus has been on the imminent debut of Rivian’s R2 EV(s), the American automaker continues to make strides in the production and delivery of its first two passenger models

Now available in a variety of electric range and power configurations, the R1T pickup and R1S SUVs also recently became part of Rivian’s new leasing program, helping the company max out its existing inventory.

Previously, Rivian offered customers three battery pack options when building their own custom R1T or R1S – Standard (270-mile range), Large (352-mile EPA range), and Max (400-410 miles). Rivian’s configurator is a little complex in that customers can only select certain packs with specific powertrains. For example, the Standard pack is only a selectable option for Dual Motor AWD builds.

Furthermore, the Standard pack option has long been listed but has not been selectable to customers for actual builds and deliveries up until this point. This afternoon, Rivian announced the Standard pack is now available.

Better yet, a fourth battery pack is on the way that will be priced between Standard and Large, called Standard+. It will still only cater to specific configurations of the R1T or R1S but can offer new customers a decent amount of additional range without breaking the bank on one of the two larger options.

Source: Rivian.com

Rivian’s Standard+ pack offers 45 miles of added range

Beginning today, Rivian has officially introduced two additional range options to its R1 configurator, whether it’s a new purchase or lease. As mentioned above, the Standard pack only comes available with any Dual Motor configuration of the R1T or R1S.

However, Rivian’s new Standard+ pack is compatible with both the Dual Motor and Dual Motor performance EVs. Here’s how Rivian EV ranges break down with the new Standard and Standard+ packs included:

  • Standard: 270 miles
  • Standard+: 315 miles
  • Large: 352 miles (EPA estimated)
  • Max: 400 miles (EPA est) for the R1S, 410 miles for the R1T

With the news of Standard and Standard+ packs now available, Rivian shared what starting MSRPs of those configurations will look like as well:

  • R1T Dual Standard: $69,900
  • Dual Standard+: $73,000 
  • R1T Performance Dual Standard+: $78,000       
  • R1S Dual Standard: $74,900
  • Dual Standard+: $78,000  
  • R1S Performance Dual Standard+: $83,000

Given some of these configurations fall below the $80,000 cutoff point for trucks and SUVs, Rivian reiterated that some customers could qualify for federal tax incentives up to $3,750 under the Inflation Reduction Act.

You can learn more about Standard and Standard+ on the Rivian website and configure a new R1 model of your own today.

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