Rivian offers discounts off new R1s when you trade in a gas vehicle

In honor of Earth Day, Rivian has introduced a new “Electric Upgrade” offer, where new customers can take advantage of varying discounts on an R1S or R1T EV for trading in certain combustion models. There are other terms to qualify; learn more below.

Take advantage of big Rivian discounts, now through June

According to Rivian, it has introduced a new demand lever today that offers discounts to new qualifying purchasers/lessees who take delivery of a new R1 EV before June 30, 2024. In addition to gaining a discount on an R1 purchase or lease, as outlined below, customers can also qualify for one year of complementary charging on the Rivian Adventure Network (RAN).

Here’s how the discounts break down for R1 customers in the US and Canada:

  • R1T Standard, Standard+ Pack – $3,000 / $4,500 CAD 
  • R1T Large Pack – $4,000 / $6,000 CAD 
  • R1T Max Pack – $5,000 / $7,500 CAD 
  • R1S Large Pack – $1,000 / $1,500 CAD 

Additional terms per Rivian:

Any Rivian vehicle model and pack combination not listed above is ineligible for this offer.  Eligible Rivian vehicle configurations must be selected and purchased or leased through Rivian’s online Shop.  $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your configuration through Shop.  Discount will be applied as part of your Rivian R1 vehicle transaction

Rivian points out that in order for R1 purchasers/lessees to qualify for the discounts above, they must trade in a combustion vehicle, but not just any gas car. It has to be one of the following

  • Audi:
    • Q5, Q7, Q8 – 2018 or newer
  • BMW:
    • X3, X5, X7 – 2018 or newer
  • Ford:
    • F-150, Explorer, Expedition, Bronco (excluding Bronco Sport) – 2018 or newer
  • Jeep:
    • Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Gladiator – 2018 or newer
  • Toyota:
    • Tacoma, Tundra, Highlander, 4Runner – 2018 or newer

This is a savvy move by Rivian as it is not only getting combustion vehicles off roads and replacing them with R1 EVs, but also taking in gas versions of some of its competitors. The offer is limited to one Rivian discount and one year of complimentary charging per eligible combustion vehicle trade-in.

Qualifying purchasers/lessees must take their R1 delivery between April 22, 2024 and June 30, 2024. Learn more here.

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