“School of Rock” 1987 Dodge Ram B250 van up for auction

A 1987 Dodge Ram B250 van used in filming the 2003 movie “School of Rock” is up for auction on Bring a Trailer.

The movie starred Jack Black as a hapless rock-band guitarist who finagles his way into a job as a music teacher at a prep school. Few movie cars have been as well-matched to their characters as this van. It’s a stereotypical band wagon complete with a Grim Reaper mural over poorly maintained brown paint with both real and simulated corrosion.

The interior sports front captain’s chairs with red cloth upholstery, tan shag carpets, wood paneling, and plumbing for a smoke machine. The van comes with three guitars, as well as a drum case and some memorabilia from the movie.

Power is provided by a 3.7-liter inline-6 connected to a 3-speed automatic. Drive goes to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential. The engine got an oil change in 2023 in preparation for sale, but the tires exhibit dry-rot cracking, the listing notes.

Total mileage is unknown, but the odometer currently shows 99,000 miles, about 1,000 of which were added by the current owner, who acquired the van in 2012.

It may not be in the best condition, or offer the most thrilling driving experience, but the “School of Rock” van may be a bargain as movie cars go. At the time of this writing, the high bid was well under $10,000 with two days left in the auction. In comparison, the 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible featured in “Rain Man” sold for $335,000 at auction in 2022, while the 1976 AMC Pacer from “Wayne’s World” sold for $71,500 at another auction that year.

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