Susan Sarandon joins Columbia University students in Pro-Palestinian march after NYPD raid

Actress Susan Sarandon had words of encouragement for embattled students protesting for a ceasefire in Gaza at Columbia University, saying, “It is their right in a democracy, especially in a place of education and supposedly higher thought.”

The “Thelma & Louise” star and native New Yorker was spotted marching outside Columbia University just a day after University administration approved an NYPD sweep against student protestors, resulting in over 100 arrests.

“You give me hope, to me and so many people,” the Academy Award winner said, leading student chants. “And in the end the truth will win.”

The actress showed support for student demonstrators alongside the Palestinian movement, a cause for which she has previously been a vocal advocate. In November of last year, the United Talent Agency dropped Sarandon after she appeared at a pro-Palestinian rally. She also attended a March rally near New York University. Sarandon’s activism dates back to the invasion of Iraq, when she publicly advocated against a war.

“To be attacked by racism and intolerance is not acceptable,” Sarandon said. “There are many, many people who stand with you. You must know, you inspire so many people.”

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