Tesla (TSLA) releases Q4 delivery results, breaks another record

Tesla (TSLA) has released its Q4 2024, and subsequently full year 2023, delivery results, and the automaker has broken another delivery record.

During the first three quarters of the year, Tesla delivered 1,324,074 vehicles around the globe.

With a guidance of 1.8 million vehicles delivered in 2023, it meant that Tesla needed to deliver around 476,000 vehicles in Q4 in order to achieve its goal.

This seemed fairly achievable as it’s only about 40,000 vehicles more than Tesla delivered last quarter and 10,000 more than the automaker’s previous quarterly report, which happened just earlier this year.

In fact, Wall Street was expecting Tesla to achieve its overall 2023 guidance with a consensus of 480,000 deliveries in Q4 for just over 1.8 million vehicles for the whole year.

Tesla Q4 2023 Delivery and Production Results

Today, Tesla released its Q4 2023 delivery and production results – confirming that it delivered on its guidance with 484,000 deliveries.

The automaker also confirmed that it produced a record number of 495,000 vehicles in Q4:

 In the fourth quarter, we produced approximately 495,000 vehicles and delivered over 484,000 vehicles. In 2023, vehicle deliveries grew 38% YoY to 1.81 million while production grew 35% YoY to 1.85 million. Thank you to all of our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and supporters who helped us achieve a great 2023.

The numbers are always adjusted with the release of Tesla’s quarterly earnings, which are now set for January 24th.

Here are Tesla’s Q4 2023 delivery and production numbers:

  Production Deliveries Subject to operating lease accounting
Model 3/Y 476,777 461,538 2%
Other Models 18,212 22,969 3%
Total 494,989 484,507 2%

And here are Tesla’s full-year 2023 production and delivery numbers:

  Production Deliveries
Model 3/Y 1,775,159 1,739,707
Other Models 70,826 68,874
Total 1,845,985 1,808,581

Unfortunately, Tesla now not only doesn’t release separate data for Model 3 and Model Y, it also bundles Model S, Model X, and Cybertruck deliveries altogether.

Electrek’s Take

Incredible performance from Tesla in Q4 amid a continued difficult period in the automotive space thanks to high-interest rates.

Congrats to everyone involved.

On the other hand, I am really disappointed in Tesla for continuing its trend of muddying the water with its delivery data. On top of not breaking down Model 3 and Model Y deliveries, which would provide an important data point, the automaker is now bundling Model S, Model X and Cybertruck sales altogether?

Tesla is the only automaker trying to hide the performance of its specific vehicle programs like that and it’s not a good look. Be more transparent Tesla. Please.

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