The Purple Fish: 1971 ‘Cuda 340

What’s the most popular car from the 1960-70s? Mustang is an easy answer, but let’s sweep collectability into the equation for a moment. Does your answer change? For some like Muscle Car Campy, it does, as the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda is the kingfish of them all. Considering the 1971 Hemi’Cuda convertible is the most desirable muscle car in the collector car world, it stands to reason.

In case you need a reminder, there were three Barracuda models in 1971: the Barracuda, the luxurious Gran Coupe, and the performance-oriented ‘Cuda. The featured ‘Cuda is powered by the optional 340 engine — yes, the small-block was an upgrade from the standard 383. The ‘Cuda featured is powered by a 340 paired with the TorqueFlite automatic. Other options include console, Rallye gauges, vinyl top, “Billboard” decals, rear spoiler, hood pins, and air conditioning, all verified by the broadcast sheet and two fender tags. Did I mention it’s painted in the quintessential color for these cars?

In the below video, Muscle Car Campy gives us a ride in Russ Lee’s In Violet ‘Cuda 340 and tells us the story how the 1970 Barracuda almost ended up being more like a 1965 Mustang.

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