The United States of F-150

Ford F-150 is an important part of the Ford F-Series, America’s best-selling truck for 46 years. Let’s take a look at some notable states in the United States of F-150.

Utah loves that PowerBoost. Nevada loves the Raptor. Idaho makes the ground shake with Tremor. Alaska goes for the max trailer tow packages. Florida buys the most 4x2s, while Vermont likes the 4×4. Whatever your needs, there’s an F-150 for you. F-Series is an American icon, and is powered by American ingenuity.

F-150s, like all of our F-Series trucks, are assembled right here in the USA. How many competitors can say that? F-Series creates over 500,000 jobs across America. Here’s a snapshot of the United States of F-150 and what features are most popular in certain states.

Whatever your needs, there’s an F-150 for you.

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