This modular solar canopy only takes 6 hours to install [Update]

Reno, Nevada-based startup World4Solar‘s freestanding modular solar canopy can be installed in less than a day.

December 19 update: I said I would update with prices when World4Solar released debuted this product, so I’m keeping my promise. Sort of.

World4Solar announced the costs for the HelioWing 5, but not the HelioWing 7. (Yes, I asked them for the 7 prices, and I don’t know why they didn’t include it. TBC.) The company breaks down all the component costs for the 5, and the only optional add-on is battery storage. Altogether, the HelioWing 5, excluding battery storage, retails for $49,946 before the Inflation Reduction Act’s 30% tax credit for solar, which will be $14,984, bringing the cost down to $34,962.

Modular solar canopy

September 1, 2023: World4Solar’s new modular residential solar canopy is called the HelioWing, and it comes preassembled in one box and preconfigured.

The company offers two base models that can be used either on the grid or off-grid: the HelioWing 5 with 7.38 kWp, and the HelioWing 7 with 9.84 kWp. The solar roof is 380 square feet on the HelioWing 5, and 500 square feet on the HelioWing 7. Each comes with a pre-installed EV charger. Battery storage of 8.3 – 24.9 kWh is optional for both models.

If it’s set up on a prepared foundation by a certified installer, installation only takes about six hours. Check out an installation in this video:

Marc Hofer, CEO of World4Solar, said, “We are excited about the trend for self-sustaining and energy efficient power for multi-unit residential and commercial installations.

“Our contemporary decor design fits in with all environments, and its weatherproof solar covered roof provides lighting, shade, and rain protection where needed.”

World4Solar says HelioWing has an average 20-year life span and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Electrek’s Take

This solar canopy seems to have a lot of promise because it’s versatile and appears to have a pretty straightforward installation process, if it’s entirely as World4Solar claims. As I’ve said before about residential solar canopies, this could potentially make solar accessible to a lot more people, and that can only be a good thing – the more choices on the market, the better.

That’s why I like to spotlight these innovative products, as you never know which ones could be a trailblazer.

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Photo: World4Solar

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