This new Texas power company’s electricity comes with a home battery

Base Power just became the only licensed electricity provider in Texas to offer customers an all-in-one monthly energy service, home battery, and installation, and solar isn’t required.

Base Power operates in deregulated areas of Texas, and Base Beta is available now to customers near Austin who can choose their power provider.

Customers save on their monthly electric bills and benefit from backup power for one-tenth the upfront cost of comparable batteries and generators. The upfront cost is a one-time fee of $2,000 to cover installation, and Base offers fixed monthly pricing for electricity.

A Base Power spokesperson told Electrek that it purchases 20 kWh white-label batteries that it owns, operates, and maintains for its customers. The company’s batteries have an expected 15-year lifespan.

Base says it will take a bit longer to get owners of rooftop solar set up due to additional integration requirements. The company plans to add a solar + storage offering “in the future.”

Texas is No. 1 in the US for the most power outages, and electricity prices across the state have almost doubled since 2017. This is why Base Power has been set up to operate as a virtual power plant. When the Texas grid is up and running Base Power’s home battery will help stabilize the grid, and when it’s down, Base Power’s batteries keep its customers’ lights on.

Founded in 2023, Base is led by a team of engineers and operators from companies including SpaceX, Tesla, and Apple. The company has raised capital from Thrive Capital, Valor Equity Partners, Altimeter Capital, and others. 

Kavao Siharath, a Base customer in Round Rock, Texas, who is a SpaceX veteran, said, “We’ve seen a solid 10% decrease in our energy expenses, never have to worry about energy bill hikes in the summer and enjoy the peace of mind of backup power. It’s been a huge relief.”

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