Tucker Carlson calls Kamala Harris “a member of the new master race”

After being positioned as an example by Meghan McCain just last week as to why, in her opinion, women aren’t a good pick for second in command, Vice President Kamala Harris is at the center of yet another interesting theory slung her way, this time from former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

In an election-themed rant shared to X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday, Carlson started out by blasting Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley for having “the same views as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” and then pivoted to focus on Harris, offering his take on why the Democratic Party would never drop her from its national ticket.

“Joe Biden is going to have a very hard time getting re-elected, much less serving another term. It’s impossible to imagine. Yet the party cannot replace him, because that would leave Kamala Harris, who is even more unpopular than he is,” Carlson said, revving up to the really nutty part. “Harris is a member of the new master race, she cannot be booted off a presidential ticket. She must be shown maximum respect at all times, no matter what she says or does. And so that means the Democratic Party is stuck with two fatally unpopular candidates. It’s their doing, of course, but it’s a massive problem. They can’t get out of it.”

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