VinFast just added 12 new car dealers in the US

VinFast Auto (Nasdaq: VFS) today announced that it’s officially signed agreements with 12 new car dealers in the US. 

The dozen new car dealers working with VinFast will begin to operate this month. This will bring the total number of US VinFast dealerships to 18, spanning seven states: North Carolina, New York, Texas, Florida, Kansas, Connecticut, and Kentucky.

There are already 15 VinFast stores and service centers in California, but in Q4 2023, VinFast announced it would be pivoting from its direct-to-consumer distribution model to a “capital-light hybrid model” by building dealership networks in the US and globally. The Vietnamese automaker is optimistic that sales through dealers will boost sales numbers in the second half of 2024.

David Duncan, vice president of sales and marketing at VinFast US, said, “Leveraging the network of stores, market experience, and capabilities of leading US dealers, VinFast will quickly deliver high-quality, competitively priced electric vehicles to consumers, along with outstanding after-sales policies. This establishes a solid foundation for VinFast’s strong growth in the US market.”

VinFast’s after-sales policy includes a 10-year/125,000-mile warranty for the car and a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty for the battery under standard use. VinFast’s parts distribution center will support the US dealers it’s working with.

The new dealerships will sell the VF 8 model, followed by the VF 9 and VF 7, once they’re launched in the US.

Here’s the complete list of 18 dealers, and the new dealers are in bold:

  1. Leith VinFast, Raleigh, NC
  2. Smith Haven VinFast, St. James, NY
  3. Principle VinFast, Grapevine, TX
  4. Hiley VinFast of Fort Worth, TX
  5. VinFast Wichita, KS
  6. Holman VinFast, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  7. Premier VinFast, Branford, CT
  8. H Greg VinFast, West Palm Beach, FL
  9. Triad VinFast, Greensboro, NC
  10. H Greg VinFast, Doral, FL
  11. Sandy Sansing VinFast, Pensacola, FL
  12. VinFast Austin, TX
  13. VinFast Gainesville, FL
  14. Ewing VinFast of Plano, TX
  15. VinFast of Bowling Green, KY
  16. Hanna VinFast of Bradenton, FL
  17. DeMontrond VinFast, Conroe, TX
  18. DeMontrond VinFast North, Houston, TX

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