Volvo ES90 electric sedan set for production in 2024

Volvo announced earlier in December that it completed production of the first “verification prototype” for a new model code-named the V551, thought to be an electric counterpart to the gas-powered S90 midsize sedan.

The verification prototype was built at Volvo’s plant in Luqiao, China. Such prototypes are typically used to work out snags in the production line before the first customer examples are churned out.

Production of customer examples of the V551 is said to start by May of next year. A Volvo executive in Australia said last year that Volvo will launch an electric midsize sedan by the end of 2024.

The new model could be called the ES90, though Teknikens Värld reported last week that a different name may be required due to objections from Lexus which sells the ES midsize sedan.

2022 Volvo S90

The Swedish publication also reported details of the vehicle’s dimensions based on leaked information from a year ago. According to the leaked information, the V551 will measure 196.8 inches long and have a wheelbase of 122 inches. The length is about 6.3 inches longer than the original S90 launched launched in the U.S. for the 2017 model year and 1.6 inches longer than the stretched S90L that was made the standard body style in the U.S. for 2018.

The V551 is expected to be built on Volvo’s SPA2 platform, the same dedicated EV platform underpinning the upcoming 2025 EX90 midsize SUV. This means we can expect similar specifications, such as a 111-kwh battery, the choice of single-motor rear-wheel-drive or dual-motor all-wheel-drive configurations, and power outputs approaching 500 hp.

The platform also supports bidirectional charging and charging at rates of up to 250 kw when using a DC fast-charger. According to Volvo, the EX90 with the 111-kwh battery can deliver a range approaching 300 miles and be charged from 10-80% in around 30 minutes. The range in the V551 will likely be higher given its more aerodynamic shape.

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