Your 2023 Holiday Car Book Gift Guide

The world is full of conformity, and the classic car hobby is not exempt from this. After all, how many 1-of-1 Mustangs can there be? Luckily, you have me, your automotive sherpa, to lead you beyond the same, old same-old when it comes to car books. Considering the holiday season is among us, it only seems appropriate for me to highlight off-the-beaten-path titles that guarantee your loved one likely won’t receive another copy. But order soon because, before you know it, the holidays will be gone.

Unbridled: The Passion, Performance & Politics Behind America’s Favorite Pony Car
Ya gotta like a guy who packages his passion project in book form. Robert M. Kennedy is a Mustang guy (like many) and he’s done something that’s rare in this “print is dead!” world. Robert examines the history of Ford’s filly, even going back to ol’ Henry’s Quadricycle and moving to the present with the Dark Horse. In between, Robert examines the internalities and externalities that have affected Mustang production including design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, politics, and economics.

Yup, this ain’t your typical Stang book — it’s a unique perspective that goes beyond the Mustang and moves into something even bigger: American history! Order now and you’ll enjoy free shipping this holiday season.

The Buried Plymouth: A Story Unearthed in Tulsa
In 2007, the city of Tulsa pulled out all the stops to unearth a time capsule that has been hidden for 50 years. Within the time capsule were many contemporary bits of ephemera but, to be honest, Miss Belvedere was the main draw. Who’s she? A 1957 Plymouth Belvedere two-door hardtop painted gold to reflect Oklahoma’s golden jubilee. Ironically, the time capsule was supposed to be impervious to a nuclear blast, but it wasn’t impervious to water, as attendees (such as yours truly) witnessed.

The Buried Plymouth is an historical novel written as an 18-year labor of love by Sanford Miles, who just so happens to own a car like Miss Belvedere, gilded flanks and all. “One of the neat things about writing a historical novel is that, as Mr. Omnipotent, you get to weave the truth and fantasy,” says Sandy. Which is the truth? Which is the fantasy? Order now to find out, or order it if you’re simply an Oklahoman, gearhead, or fan of Americana, pop culture, or mystery.

1970: Maximum Muscle
The high-point of the muscle car era generally is quoted as 1970, with 1971 being the beginning of the decline due to lowered compression initiated by General Motors (and mandated for 1972). Among the evidence for 1970 being the peak is the Chevelle SS 454 with the LS6 engine, which put out 450 horsepower when previous SSs topped out at 375.

Chevrolet wasn’t the only company at the top of its game but, to be clear, this book isn’t rehashing the cars that seem to dominate monthly periodicals. Authors Richard Truesdell and Mark Fletcher delve into the socio-political environment at the time that both influenced the vehicles and their demise, which gives Maximum Muscle depth and distinction that few books can match. Order now from your favorite online or local store.

How to Buy & Sell Collector Cars
If you’re a spouse, it’s possible your first response is to skip this title, but hear me out: isn’t it fun to see joy on the face of your significant other while in the presence of old cars? Rather than give the opportunity for impulsive financial decisions, equip him/her with the tools to make the hobby smart and enjoyable for everyone. And it too wouldn’t hurt for you to learn a bit. Make sense?

Patrick Krook has your back with this. His book is an easy-to-read guide on the process, from finding and evaluating to negotiating and closing, funding, and taking delivery of a collector car — especially over the Internet! You don’t have to fall for those many pitfalls of misrepresented vehicles or overpaying either. It’s really about the market more than cars, so why not optimize your position? Classics don’t need to be a buzzkill and a liability on your relationship, so order now to make collectible autos an asset.

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