Cadillac Changes Mind about EVs?

You may recall (perhaps with horror) how Cadillac put all its chips in the pot when it comes to electric vehicles, making the ambitious claim several years ago that its entire portfolio will be all-electric by 2030. Now, it seems, that plan is being rescinded.

Though General Motors CEO Mary Barra recently doubled down on GM’s commitment to EVs in a recent interview with Bloomberg, stating that she would have accelerated the pace of GM’s EV intros if she could do it over, InsideEVs says that Cadillac officials articulate the future in a different manner. At a Detroit event at the end of April, Cadillac executives “seem to be backing down from a promise to transition the brand to an all-EV marque by 2030.”

Cadillac Celestiq

We know the move towards EVs has hit a speed bump as of late, and Cadillac doesn’t seem to be any different. Cadillac’s global vice president, John Roth, mentioned that Cadillac is listening to its customers. Simply put, they are not enthused with EVs. To wit:

“EVs and ICE (internal combustion engine), we want to be clear, will coexist for a number of years,” Roth told the Detroit Free Press. “We want to make sure that we have that luxury of choice in the marketplace, and both will have an opportunity to meet the customer needs as we look forward.”

Cadillac Lyriq

Roth added, “We are still on strategy of offering an all-EV portfolio by the end of the decade and we’re going to listen to the customer and let them be our guide. That’s our answer.”

Cadillac continues to produce the highly regarded Blackwing versions of its sedans, though manual transmissions have been discontinued. For fans of the performance side of the brand, this is a fortuitous development.