Car Memes: Drive the Bid Podcast

Today on AutoHunter’s Drive the Bid Podcast, Luke Lamendola guests once again, but this time the Social Media/On-Camera Host for the Collector Car Network joins Derek Shiekhi and me together for the first time. The main topic? Car memes! Most of the ones we see in social media leave a lot to be desired, so we thought we’d try to see if we could make better ones!

We also discuss how Nissan used to make pretty cool cars like the Sentra SE-R but somehow lost its way into blandness.

In new car news, we examine the 2025 Mercedes G550’s transition from twin-turbo V8 power to being propelled by a twin-turbo inline-six. Despite the 27-horse bump, the reduction of two cylinders is an aesthetic loss that we wonder if it is the shape of things to come (despite similar adjustments in the past with many manufacturers). The future has not been more stress-inducing for enthusiast since 1972!

And, of course, AutoHunter picks from the three of us: 1971 GMC Sprint, 1966 Buick Riviera, and 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

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