Celebrity Cars To Hit Barrett-Jackson 2024 Palm Beach

In less than a month, the Barrett-Jackson 2024 Palm Beach Auction will be grabbing the attention of automotive enthusiasts around the world. Planning on going? Great, see ya there! Not planning on going? Bummer, but you’ll appreciate this preview for the April 18-20th event featuring cars once owned by beloved celebrities – dig in!

1958 Metropolitan Convertible
Jimmy Buffet seems to have had a thing for old cars. The late singer and island escapist once owned this 1958 Metropolitan, which had its genesis with the 1954 Nash Metropolitan, an American car built in the UK and powered by an Austin four-cylinder. After a merger with Hudson, the Metropolitan was sold under both brands but, in 1958, after the two former Independents were discontinued, the diminutive vehicle simply became Metropolitan and was sold by Rambler dealerships.

This 1958 example was last owned by Buffet in 2008 but the subsequent owner had it restored, including receiving new metal floor pans, rocker panels, adjusted doors, and rechromed bumpers, plus a repaint. Like all Metropolitan from 1958, this one is powered by a 1,491 four-cylinder and three-speed manual.

1977 Pontiac Trans Am
And then there’s Burt Reynolds, the actor who’s tied to a car that also was a star. In particular, Smokey and the Bandit was feel-good fun on the silver screen, and the hijinks during this Malaise Era flick made folks forget that fun from Detroit had been outlawed. The trademark black and gold Trans Ams were known as the SE (Special Edition), and Pontiac sold a bunch based on lust for 1970-esque memories, great looks, and that barrels-of-fun flick. What could be better than a “Bandit” Trans Am? One owned by Burt himself!

A number of engines were available, with this one featuring the 180-horepower L78 400 backed by a TH400 automatic. According to the consignor, every detail of this 45,330-mile Poncho was carefully thought out and discussed with Reynolds, from the correct antenna to the proper tires from the movie. Even the Florida license plate reads “BAN ONE”!

Like what you see? Then you’ll really like our other preview, plus the rest of the docket for the Barrett-Jackson 2024 Palm Beach Auction. And, if you have a car or truck to sell, you can consign it and be in the thick of the auction festivities during April 18-20th.