Charged EVs | ETCO introduces high-current ring terminals for EV battery wiring

US-based ETCO, which manufactures electrical terminals and connectors, has launched a new line of heavy-duty locking ring terminals.

ETCO’s BT-Series Heavy-Duty Battery Terminals are designed for high-voltage wiring in EV batteries, alternators and starters in automotive, agriculture and construction equipment, process control and trucking applications.

The terminals are made from 0.06-inch thick brass or copper for maximum conductivity and are designed for ultrasonic welding. Featuring four teeth that extend 0.065 inches from the terminal surface of the ring, their sharp wedges bite into metal and anchor the terminal to help prevent unwanted rotation. Suited for attaching 0-6-guage wire by automated equipment, the terminals have an insulation support to bend around the wire jacket insulation.

Source: ETCO