Charged EVs | Swap out heavy equipment battery packs with Moog’s ZQuip Modular Battery System

Moog subsidiary ZQuip says it can convert diesel-powered heavy equipment to EVs at a lower cost than buying all-new machines. The company sells a conversion kit that includes a battery harness, electric motor and thermal management, along with 70 and 140 kWh Energy Modules (battery packs), which are interchangeable across machines.

As a proof of concept, ZQuip converted a Caterpillar CAT 308 8-ton excavator into a quiet, zero-emissions battery-electric excavator suitable for urban projects with noise or “zero-drip” restrictions.

“The 700 V ZQuip Energy Modules are at the core of this innovation,” said Chris LaFleur, Managing Director for ZQuip at Moog. “ZQuip modules are interchangeable across any machine we convert regardless of size, type, or manufacturer.”

The modular batteries can be swapped from excavator to skid steer, to loader, to dozer, etc—just like a carpenter switching a battery pack from a drill to a saw. (Well, not quite as easily—a material handler or some such vehicle is needed to shift the heavy battery packs around.)

Moog’s modular approach also could enable customers to spec zero-emissions machines with the exact battery capacity required, without paying for extra capacity they don’t need. And if energy needs change, the packs can be swapped out later.

Sources: ZQuip, Electrek

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