Charged EVs | Xos receives order for 12 of its SV electric stepvans

US electric truck manufacturer and fleet services provider Xos has received an order for 12 of its 22-foot SV stepvans from California-headquartered commercial laundry company Mission Linen Supply.

The vehicles will be among the first of the longer 22-foot models to be delivered by Xos. They are suited to a variety of applications, including linen services, parcel delivery, utility and repair services, and armored transport. The SV line has modular chassis and battery systems and is offered in a variety of configurations to meet customers’ specific needs.

“We are thrilled to partner with Mission Linen Supply on this significant step toward electric fleet adoption,” said Dakota Semler, Chief Executive Officer of Xos. “Our electric stepvans are setting new standards for the textile and linen industries, and we are confident that they will bring immense value to Mission Linen Supply’s operations.”

Source: Xos

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