How to Care for Your Car Wrap in Hot Weather

The summer season brings longer days, outdoor adventures, and soaring temperatures. While the heat can be an invigorating change from the cooler months, it can potentially wreak havoc on your precious car wrap if it is not appropriately cared for. At Wrap Guys, we provide top-notch vinyl wraps made from high-quality 3M or Avery cast vinyl, complemented with a UV protective layer. Learn how to care for your car wrap in hot weather and delve deeper into how you can maintain the vibrancy and durability of your wrap, even in the blistering summer heat.

Understanding the Impact of Hot Weather on Car Wraps

Extreme heat and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can potentially affect the longevity and appearance of your car wrap. Over time, high temperatures can cause vinyl wraps to warp, bubble, or even fade. While the UV protective layer on our wraps helps to prevent these problems, proper maintenance is still key to extending the already long life and quality of your wrap.

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Tips for Caring for Your Car Wrap in the Summer

1. Regular Cleaning

Even though our wraps are designed to withstand extreme conditions, dust and dirt can accumulate and become more ingrained in hot weather. To prevent this, it is essential to clean your wrapped vehicle regularly. Use a gentle automotive detergent mixed with water and a soft, non-abrasive cloth to lightly scrub the surface. Avoid harsh cleaners or pressure washers, as they can damage the vinyl.

2. Park Inside

To minimize exposure to direct sunlight, park your wrapped vehicle in a carport, garage, or any shaded area, especially during peak sun hours. This small step can make a significant difference in maintaining the colour vibrancy and structural integrity of your wrap.

3. Regular Inspection and Immediate Repairs

Despite our best efforts, the intense summer heat can sometimes cause unexpected damage to car wraps. It is crucial to inspect your vehicle wrap frequently, looking for signs of wear like peeling, bubbling, or fading. If you notice any issues, contact the professionals at Wrap Guys immediately or you can fix vinyl wrap bubbles on your own with this easy guide. Our team can always address minor damages before they escalate, extending the life of your wrap.

Caring for your car wrap in the hot weather does not have to be a difficult task. Treat it with care, and it will continue making a statement on the road, regardless of the season. For more tips and tricks on maintaining your car wrap, or to learn more about our vinyl wrapping services, simply fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 604-996-6389 to get a free quote.

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