Kia’s $15,000 EV2 caught in the wild as most affordable EV [Video]

As the brand prepares to kick off its low-cost EV offensive, Kia’s cheapest EV2, starting around $14,500 (20 million Won), was spotted testing in a new video. Check out the first glimpse of the Kia EV2 below.

Affordable Kia electric cars are coming

Kia unveiled three new affordable electric vehicles during its first annual EV Day in October. The line-up includes the EV3, EV4, and EV5.

The EV5 launched in China in November, starting at around $20,000 (149,800 yuan) as Kia looks to take on Tesla’s Model Y and low-cost Chinese EV makers like BYD.

Based on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform (the same one underpinning the IONIQ 5), Kia’s EV5 is available with up to 447 miles (720 km) CLTC range. In Australia, the EV5 starts at around $46,000 (70,000 AUS).

Next in line is the Kia EV3. Kia’s EV3 inherits the tech and design from its three-row EV9 in a smaller, more affordable package.

The EV3 is expected to debut this summer, with a sporty GT line rolling out in the fall. We’ve seen EV3 prototypes out in the wild a few times now as it gets ready to show its face (see the videos here).

Kia EV3 concept (Source: Kia)

It’s expected to be around the size of the Volvo EX30 or Hyundai Kona EV at around 170″ long, 72″ wide, and 62″ tall. The EV3 is expected to start at around $30,000.

After that, Kia will launch the EV4. The EV4 is Kia’s take on an entry-level electric sedan with a unique design and silhouette.

Kia EV4 concept (Source: Kia)

Kia calls the EV4 an “entirely new type of sedan that stands as a symbol of innovation” of where the brand is headed. It will start at around $35,000.

Kia’s EV2 spotted for the first time in new testing video

Kia also revealed during its EV Day that it will launch an even smaller and cheaper EV2 electric SUV.

Speaking with Autocar, Kia’s CEO Ho-Sung Song said affordable EVs are “very important” to the brand’s future.

Kia’s CEO added that the EV2 is a “very unique and important model” in key markets like Europe. Given Kia’s preference for SUVs, the EV2 is expected to include a crossover or SUV-like design rather than a hatch.

Kia EV2 prototype testing (Source: CarShorts)

Kia’s EV2 was spotted testing out in the wild as a new ShortsCar video gives us a better look at what we can expect from the entry-level EV.

As the EV2 drives by, you can see its boxy SUV shape, similar to the EV3 and EV5. The design is clearly part of Kia’s new theme. Despite this, the EV2 is expected to be even smaller and more affordable.

The video states the domestic compact electric SUV will be priced at $14,500 (20 million Won). If so, it could bump the Kia Ray EV out of the line-up.

Kia Ray EV (Source: Kia)

Like the updated line-up of low-cost EVs, the EV2 is expected to wear Kia’s new “Opposites United” design. You can expect to see elements like Kia’s new “Tiger Face” grille.

Like the EV3, the E2 is set to receive a sporty GT version. Production is expected to begin at Kia’s Slovakia plant in 2025.

Kia EV lineup from left to right: EV6, EV4, EV5, EV3, EV9 (Source: Kia)

The four new models are part of Kia’s wide-ranging EV line-up priced between $20,000 and $80,000.

Kia’s EV2 spotting comes as several automakers race to introduce more affordable electric cars. Nissan plans to unveil the Micra EV as its newest low-cost EV later this year. Ford, Volkswagen, Rivian, Hyundai, and others are all planning to launch lower-cost EVs over the next few years.

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